Day 36: Salida – Sargents, CO

Miles: 42

Climbing: 3606 ft

I had Sonic for breakfast this morning before heading out, then accidentally went over a mile downhill in the wrong direction. Oops.

Leaving Salida. SW vibes.

Getting back on track, I headed up Marshall Pass, the 3rd highest (I think? Don’t quote me) pass on the route, at 10,842ft. The climb, as usual, was long and tough, but thankfully not mega-steep or hike-a-bike. The first bit was on very exposed hot highway, so I was full of dread that it would all be, but it quickly turned to a forested gravel road, thankfully.

Nice views, yadda yadda. Felt like we were outrunning storms all day though. Today was basically just one big up, then one big down into Sargents. Little rain sprinkles here and there.

Arriving in Sargents I was surprised to find a restaurant/convenience store attached to the campground where we were camping. I hadn’t expected it, but was glad for it, since I hadn’t really bought more than snacks in Salida and we wouldn’t go through another town for two days.

However, my thoughts of “oh crap, good thing this store is here, cuz I need food!” were squashed quickly when a pipe burst in the store, and they closed. Indefinitely. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet or gotten supplies for the next two days. Mind you, I had a ton of food. Remember how I just wrote about always carrying too much? How I had a whole grapefruit? Well, this fact did not make it into my logical brain at the time, because I started freaking out about not having enough food for two days. I think it was just a product of my being tired and kinda over it, but I was feeling upset and worried. I went to ask the people in the store if they’d be open in the morning, telling the guy that I needed to get food, and his answer was “I don’t know when we’ll be open. Want me to grab you a bottle of water?” 🙄🙄🙄 Dude, there are water pumps all over your campground. I need food.

Frustrated, I sat in my tent and went through all the food I had to assure myself I’d survive, and went to bed, trying to ration my snacks as long as possible.

Guys, I’m REALLY healthy on bike tour.

^^Evidence I was worrying for no reason.

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