Day 26: Sweetwater River – Bairoil Rd Reservoir

Miles: 69 mi

Climbing: 3080 ft

Honestly I waited way too long to write this post and I’m forgetting details…..but tbh it might be because there aren’t a lot of details in the Basin.

Abbreviated version:

Woke up and got moving early (for me), and headed out into the Basin. 12 miles in was the Diagnus well, where I restocked my water.

Rode and rode and rode.

Experienced all kinds of wind—-some fast tailwinds (weee!), some couple-mile sections of headwind (boooooo!!!).

Having no cover was wild—felt totally and utterly exposed, but the scenery was honestly pretty beautiful and strange. I keep hearing people compare it to the surface of the moon, but I just spent 2 days exploring Craters of the Moon National Monument, so that didn’t feel true.

Honestly, all in all, not too bad. It didn’t get super hot till the last hour or so, though there was TONS of sun exposure.

I arrived at my destination–the reservoir–to find the same crew of cyclists I had met the previous night PLUS two more PLUS two CDT hikers. It was a party! The reservoir was nice, and I went for a swim before setting up my tent and hiding in its shade till the sun went down.

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