Day 21: Warm River, ID – Coulter Bay, WY

Miles: 63

Climbing: 4284 ft

Miles to date: 1061

The last day pre-break!

Heading out of Warm River was a climb along paved road into Idaho farmland–the best moment was cresting a hill that revealed my first glimpse of the Tetons in the distance:

Is this a welcome or a warning?

Within a few miles I entered the Targhee National Forest, which was a beautiful and interesting ride through a forested valley speckled with lakes, evidence of major fires, and river crossings. The road turned into the John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway, and I was riding through sunshine with my daily ominous clouds on the horizon.

The final 20ish miles of the route were along a paved highway, as I entered Grand Teton National Park (not not before a HUGE final climb).

I finally got down along Jackson Lake, with absolutely breathtaking views of the Tetons, which literally look like a cartoon of “mountain”. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have, since I was speeding along to go meet Arthur, but I haven’t seen mountain views like this since Canada.

Upon finally reaching Coulter Bay, Arthur was waiting for me!! 😍😍😍

It began raining just as we packed my bike into the truck, and we drove down into Jackson, where Arthur had gotten us a hotel. I took a shower and Arthur brought me piles and piles of Mexican food

I literally ate all of this.

From now till next Sunday (July 21), Arthur and I will be kicking around Idaho, the Tetons, and Yellowstone, and meeting up with a big group of friends! I’ll also be trying to heal my sunburned lips, give my quads and butt a break, and let my hilarious bike tan even out a little.

I’ll be back on the bike next week πŸš΅πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’—.

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