Day 10: Swan Lake – Holland Lake

Miles: 49

Climbing: 2257

Today was 36826372 times better than yesterday. 20 fewer miles probably had something to do with it.

We packed up wet tents and gear–it had rained overnight–and all 4 of us headed down to the nearby trading post for breakfast burritos and coffee.

I forgot to write yesterday about the worst part of the day: I LOST MY TEVA’S!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I thought I had them secured to my seatpost bag, in their normal spot. I was devastatingly mistaken. About 35 miles (i.e., way too far to go back and look for them) into the ride, I stopped for a quick break and realized they were nowhere to be found.

This is where my Teva’s are supposed to be. πŸ˜‘

This caused me an alarming amount of distress–I had had these sandals for YEARS and they were the perfect camp shoes. RIP, Teva’s.

That brings the sum total of things I’ve lost so far to:

  • My camp cup
  • My soap
  • My shoes

Luckily, like my cup and my soap, I replaced my beloved Teva’s with a pair of festive Fourth of July flip flops from the trading post this morning. They even have sequins. πŸ™„


I was lucky I met up with Drew yesterday, because unlike the rest of us, he has actually been paying attention to the addendums to the route on the Adventure Cycling site, and let us know that the area of today’s route had a bunch of logging going on. There was a forest-road re-route, but it was winding and circuitous, so all of us opted for just taking the main highway for the first part, past the logging area.

The highway wasn’t great–not much shoulder, pretty boring, and lots of trucks racing past super fast, so after 20 miles I was glad to get off the highway and back onto some gravel (who am I!?!).

On cue, the cloudy skies began raining immediately after I left the main road, but I had prepared for it this time: when I packed my bike in the morning I had stashed all my rain gear right on top of my handlebar roll. So, when the rain began it only took me a few seconds to be completely protected: rain jacket, pants, gloves, and shoe covers. As a result, I wasn’t too bothered by the rain.

The route was pretty standard forest service road (something that’s pretty standard to me now, anyway). Not too much climbing, not too rocky.

There was even a nice little section of easy singletrack!

The weather got nice pretty soon, and I had a sunny ride into Holland Lake.

When I got to Holland Lake, the campgrounds were full, but a chat with the campground host revealed that I could actually camp at the day use area, right on the lake. It’s a gorgeous sunny spot with one of my best campground views yet.

It’s difficult to see, but there’s actually a rainbow over the lake here 🌈

Drew arrived just after I did, and I’m guessing that Travis and Pete decided to go on further–they’re both trying to make the border and have a tighter deadline than I do.

Because I got to camp relatively early it was a relaxing evening–had a chance to dry out all my gear that had gotten wet last night and on the day’s ride, and ate dinner overlooking the lake. Now I’m going to bed super early a) because I’m exhausted and b) because I think the next two days are going to be grueling.

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