Day 8: Red Meadow Trailhead-Whitefish

Miles: 43

Climbing: 2536ft

Hours spent updating social media: several

Today started with the ultimate godsend: Heidi and Heidi gave me a ride up to the trailhead so I didn’t have to climb the GIANT MOUNTAIN back out of Polebridge (it was seriously probably 1200ft over 5 miles=barf). So my day started off way easier than it could have. Oh, and I got an awesome baked sausage-egg-cheese thing AND a pastry AND coffee that wasn’t instant from the general store, so my day actually started out super!

The better part of the morning ride was spent climbing over Red Meadow Pass–the road surface was nice and the scenery good, so I didn’t mind the climbing too much.

Upon reaching the top of the pass, I was rewarded with the most beautiful pristine mountaintop lake.

I can’t even describe what it was like to sit at the side of this lake, listening to the wind and birds, smelling pine and flowers and mountain air. Pretty dang magical.

Then weeeeeee down the other side:

Coming down the mountain I was really feeling the sun exposure, which has been an issue the past 2 days. I keep reapplying sunscreen and I keep getting burnt.

Today’s selfie: OMG the sun is hot
Cool sunburn lines.

I rolled into Whitefish knees aching and head spinning from the sun, and realized: holy SHIT Whitefish is expensive. After realizing the bike hostel was too far out of town, I considered getting a motel room….but the CHEAPEST I could find was $150/night. Geeze. I ended up grabbing a site at an RV park for $25. I can sleep outside, haha. Plus, this place has showers laundry, and is walking distance to two grocery stores.

I’m camping next to Ian and Cathy from New Zealand–they were also my camp neighbors in Grave Creek.

I spent the evening catching up on the blog and Instagram, as well as doing some planning for the next few days. I also got grocery store sushi for dinner because I had been craving it and was too lazy to walk into town. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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