Day 5: Fernie-Baynes Lake

Miles: 43

Elevation: 2293

Wildlife: 2 grouse, 1 fox, buncha deer

(Sorta) Slept in today, which was nice! Went and got a coffee (and huge breakfast sandwich and huge apple pie bar for the road) at Freshies in Fernie. Then I stopped by the grocery store and ended up getting far too much stuff (including a bag of Doritos that I put right on top of my handlebars for almost all of the day’s ride: worth it).

After kind of stalling a bit, I finally got rolling around noon, heading out on the Elk Valley Trail, which is basically singletrack coming out of Fernie. It was. So. Much. Fun. I’m not very confident with technical riding (and my bike is heavy AF), so there were plenty of times I stopped to walk or scooted around, but MAN! That trail was fun fun fun, with gorgeous meadow and mountain views to go along.

Daily selfie: me having the time of my life on singletrack

After about 15 miles of single track, the route took a less-fun logging road to continue south, and the effort of the morning caught up with me–I was pooped, but wanted to make it to Baynes lake. I trudged along……and eventually got out to the highway.

On the way, I stopped at a super super cute dairy bar for a lemonade, hot dog, and poutine (it is my last day in Canada, after all).

I finally rolled into the campground around 7pm, and found Jesse with Heidi and Heidi, two women (both named Heidi) we had actually met yesterday at our life-saving Tim Horton’s stop. They’re from Alaska, and currently have the help of one Heidi’s dad driving a support van. Jesse and I ended up camping right next door to them.

The campground was really really beautiful–big open skies, flower-filled meadows, and a sweet view out over the lake. A lovey last evening in Canada.

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