Preparation Day: Banff, Lake Louise

So, whatever prayers and offerings I made to the Airline Baggage Gods were deemed unsatisfactory, because my bike did NOT make it to Calgary with me. This isn’t that surprising, honestly, considering I made the second flight with about 3 minutes of leeway yesterday. Luckily, it followed me on the next flight and was safely delivered to my hostel last night.

I took a bus from Calgary to Banff yesterday and had the incredible experience of transitioning from the flatlands to the most awe-striking mountains I’ve maybe ever encountered. People always say the pictures don’t do it justice but, these pictures are garbage next to reality. Banff is STUPID pretty. Pretty doesn’t even cover it, it’s……majestic. My hostel is up on a hill in town, and there are dramatic mountains cutting through the skyline in every direction. Phew. Jaw-dropping. The more northern latitude–and the fact that I arrived on the longest day of the year– mean daylight till nearly 10pm, so lots of time to take in the epic views.

The view from the front door of my hostel, including a 9:30pm sunbeam.

This morning I pretty much immediately got to work on building my bike, which was pretty straight forward, despite the excess of packing material used (#noregrets).



I rode down into Banff to get some supplies that I couldn’t fly with (bear spray, fuel, bug spray, lighters) and to have my bike looked over by a bike shop. Aside from a minor brake adjustment, all was good to go. I also got food supplies for the next few days, until my stop in Elkford, where I can resupply.

With so much extra daylight to kill, I took a bus up to Lake Louise, an idyllic turquoise lake framed by equally idyllic snow capped mountains. Lots of idyllicism round here. Again… beautiful.

I’ve been worrying about the forecast for the first week of my trip: rain every day, but the day and a half in Banff and Lake Louise has helped ease those fears. The weather here is very variable—one minute it’s super sunny and nearly hot, the next is blowing 45-degree wind, and the next is drizzling, followed by more sun, etc. This makes me think (hope? PRAY?) that the forecasted rain comes and goes, rather than being a constant, week-long downpour. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Ok, time to enjoy my last night in a bed, probably for quite a while. Tomorrow, I’m off!!!

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  1. That golden topped mountain is beautiful! Hope you have a good time πŸ™‚ I’m sure the weather gods will be on your side!


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