On my way!

A quick en route update: I’m on my second flight, miraculously. Due to some kind of security issue in Toronto, my first flight (BWI- Toronto) was delayed by about 90 minutes, which made my 2-hour layover SUPER tight.

Thanks to Arthur, who gave me a ride, getting to the airport was easy (but sad πŸ₯Ί), and after a slight hiccup re: my camp stove, I checked my bag and bike.

I was able to catch a peek of my bike being loaded (I hope? I had to board before I saw it actually go ON the plane).

After a quick and easy stop at customs, I ran to the gate in Toronto to find the flight to Calgary just beginning to board. Phew! This is amazing, considering I was SURE I’d miss it–I think that whatever the security issue was also delayed my second flight and allowed me to make it.

So, I’m in the air over central Canada, a little ways from Calgary. Feeling nervous and a little stressed from the day, and thinking of what sacrifices I can make to the Airline Baggage Gods to ensure my bag and bike’s safe arrival with me. πŸ€”

This is also my first mobile post with no service (to be posted when I land)…..so, good practice for what I hope becomes a habit on the trip!

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