Pre-Departure Jitters

Well, the time is nigh! This time tomorrow I’ll be getting ready to touch down in Calgary, and then hopping on a bus over to Banff.

I’m currently enjoying some “lasts” (for a while): last afternoon at home with Arthur, last Chinese delivery meal, last shower, last time wearing anything but the two sets of clothes I’m taking on my trip.

My bike is all sealed up in its box, my checked bag and carry-on are ready to rock, and all my (many) electronics are charged.

I’m really excited but also really, really, nervous. I’m nervous about bears, cars, mechanical failures, falls, mud, and–most of all–weather. The forecast for the first week of my trip calls for rain every day, so I’ll get an early chance to test out my rain gear. I keep thinking to myself that I should have prepared more, when in reality I prepared A LOT. I’ve got a lifetime of camping experience, and know my way around a bike. I’ve done months of research on the route. Could I have trained better for the climbing? Absolutely. Could I have done a few more test rides to dial in my gear? Yep. Could I have a more detailed itinerary prepared? Uh-huh. But I will I learn, figure it out, and get stronger as I go? Yep, I will.

I’m hoping that my arrival in the Canada and the gorgeous mountains of Banff will help me relax and just enjoy it.

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