As in, literally packing my bike.

Last night my bike went INTO THE BOX! Probably a few days premature (5 days till I fly out), but it was one of the Big Tasks kind of hovering over me, so I figured might as well make sure there are no surprises.

Related image
Me=Ralphie’s Mom; My Bike=Randy

I’m apparently an over-protective bike mom. Arthur kept laughing at me for quadruple-wrapping everything in foam insulation, but I’ve heard too many horror stories about bent disc rotors or messed-up cables to take chances. I don’t want to get to Banff and have to pay to get my bike fixed BEFORE the trip even starts.

Here are some photos of the packing process:

Arthur helping disassemble my handlebars & wrap the whole dang thing in foam and padding.
All the bits collected & padded.

I removed the saddle/seat post, pedals, handlebars, front brake, and rear derailleur in order to fit it into this box. The delicate parts–the rear mech and front brake–were wrapped in foam, then put inside a plastic water bottle, then taped to the frame. Disc rotors were protected with the pieces of foam packing material that came when my bike was shipped to me (yes, I kept them for 6 months, knowing this was coming).

The entire frame was taped up with foam pipe insulation.

Into her cozy/cramped little home for the next week.

All removed pieces (pedals, skewer, handlebar accoutrement) were wrapped in foam and taped to the inside of the box–which also has reinforced cardboard/foam in places where the frame touches.

And topped off with some more padding . . . saved from when my bike was initially shipped to me, months ago.
My bike is not a Trek. But she’s squatting in a Trek box, ’cause it was free.

I’m scared to death that something is going to happen to my bike while en route. Worst case scenario: the airline loses it. Second worst case scenario: it gets irreparably effed up in transport.

But…’s very, VERY well padded and protected, so, I guess all I can do now is cross my fingers and hope the airline gods smile upon me.

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