The (melodramatically named) Great Handlebar Debacle finally came to a close yesterday. Upon realizing, last week, that the handlebars I had picked out (Soma Dream Riser) were out of stock, I took a chance and ordered a set of Velo Orange Curvy Too bars. These had the mild sweep I was looking for (30 degrees), but were narrower and had no rise.

I took a chance……..

And it was awful. It took about 15 seconds on the bike to realize they were NOT going to work. The no-rise bars brought me down into a way more aggressive, almost-road bike position, and ended up putting MORE pressure on my wrists, which is what I’m trying to avoid. So that was a fun trailside stress breakdown. . .

Luckily, the new bars I bought were exactly what Arthur had been looking for……so, the result? I got to steal the Soma bars that I had originally wanted, and Arthur got some fly new Velo Orange bars for the urban/gravel/cruiser/all-purpose grinder he’s been building up. I cut the Soma bars down to a reasonable width and mounted them.

The look on my face here accurately communicates how relieved/excited I was to finally find the right set-up:

(Although admittedly, it’s not the best photo for showing what that set-up is.) The position is upright, relaxed, comfy, and just wide enough for great control for tricky terrain.

You can also see how happy Arthur is with the VO bars:

So, now my cockpit is pretty much set-up, with some sweet fred details (like my Profile designs bar-ends stuck right in the middle of the bar for alternate hand positions, or my rad Ergon grips for maximum comfort, or the billion things mounted on the bars).

Hi, I’m your dad and I’m cycling the Great Divide.Β 

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