Testing, 1- 2- 3?

I had thought about chronicling this tale of adventure on my old Peace Corps blog, but decided against it. Instead, I’m starting fresh (with my own domain ’cause I’m fancy).

Anyway, a month from today I’ll be in Banff, AB, Canada. The plan is to spend this extra day touring around Banff….though I expect the reality is more likely to be me frantically running around trying to make sure I’m ready to head out. My plan is to depart into the wilderness on Monday, June 24. 
As I figure out how I’m going to do all this (the trip AND the blog), I’ll continue to update.
Today’s Trip Preparation Drama: the handlebars I carefully picked out from a million options (the Soma Dream Riser Bar, if you’re interested) are out of stock and won’t be restocked until after I leave. So, my options are: 
  1. Pick new bars (uggggg)
  2. Steal my boyfriend Arthur’s bars (he has the same ones I wanted—he ordered them a few weeks ago while I was still humming and hawwing over whether they were right for me. Apparently he got the last frickin’ pair). He’ll have to go back to stock bars for a month or so while we wait for the restock. 
  3. IDK, cancel the trip? 
Oscillating between Options 1 and 2, right now. (And I’m constantly at a risk of #3). I’m very thankful to Arthur for offering. He’s great. But also this is giving me the opportunity to dangerously ask myself questions like, “Well, was that REALLY the right choice? Should I get bars with more sweep? Less rise? More stuff-mounting space?”………which again, can be a dangerous game.
So, that’s today’s Fun Bike Trip Problem to solve. I guess it’s good practice for en-route problem-solving and decision making. Or whatever.
Oh, also P.S., this blog will be about my 2019 trip on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR). I guess I should’ve mentioned that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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