Day 41: Chama – Abiquiu, NM

Miles: 60 Climbing: 1962 ft Awoke and packed quickly in Chama, thankful for the quiet of the morning. I got some gas station provisions and headed down the highway toward Abiquiu. (Ok, originally I headed UP the highway away from Abiquiu, but I caught it almost immediately. No more turn-by-turn GPS since I’m off the... Continue Reading →

Day 40: Platoro, CO – Chama, NM

Miles: 51 Climbing: 2546 ft I woke up cozy and warm in my little heated airstream, thankful for the heat when I looked outside to the cold mist and clouds coating the teensie mountain town. Packing up was easy, as it always is when I don’t have to set up my tent.  Bye, cute little... Continue Reading →

Day 39: Del Norte – Platoro, CO

Miles: 48 Climbing: 5732 ft Well, unsurprisingly, I did NOT sleep super well last night. Couldn’t get my brain to calm down. I woke up sleepy and made coffee in the hostel, and ate Lucky Charms for bfast (I had bought a whole box yesterday and it was almost gone.) Gaelan got up and made... Continue Reading →

Day 36: Salida – Sargents, CO

Miles: 42 Climbing: 3606 ft I had Sonic for breakfast this morning before heading out, then accidentally went over a mile downhill in the wrong direction. Oops. Getting back on track, I headed up Marshall Pass, the 3rd highest (I think? Don’t quote me) pass on the route, at 10,842ft. The climb, as usual, was... Continue Reading →

Day 35: Hartsel – Salida, CO

Miles: 50 Climbing: 2480 ft The rain didn’t stop till after 11 last night (according to another cyclist staying in the yard—-I was sound asleep), but the sun came out this morning. By the time I got up around 6:30, preparations for Hartsel Days—the social event of the year, it seems—were well underway. People were... Continue Reading →

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